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Being one of the first entertainment companies to move our services online due to Covid-19, SoundStorm will continue to offer Online Trivia as a part of our services.

With various options & formats available to choose from, our online platform with it’s features and ease of use has quickly become one of the most popular Online Trivia services in Australia.

Whilst we all enjoy going to Live Events, Online Trivia allows your company, charity or organisation to include & connect with a broader audience allowing people to play from any location in Australia or overseas!

For charities it now allows clients & patients who may normally be house bound or unable to attend live events to be included in your fundraiser plus there are virtually no overheads!

For companies & organization’s, you can now include your whole company in an event rather than holding separate events office by office, state by state.

Why not have an office vs office event, i.e. Melbourne vs Sydney or Perth vs London….all in real time.

Of course our services are also available for social events.

Muscular Dystrophy Australia recently held an online trivia night, hosted by SoundStorm Trivia. The whole process from concept to the event was easy.

SoundStorm provided us with the tools we required to ensure registrations were seamless, helped with a few minor issues (at our end) on the night and made the event a fun and engaging night for all involved.

They also provided us with a spreadsheet after the event, so that we could contact the winners and distribute prizes.

Highly recommend organising your online trivia event with SoundStorm Trivia – Belinda-MDA

Your Online Trivia event can be branded and tailored to suit your requirements and formats can include;

  • From 30mins up to 2.5 hours
  • Play on your phone or other device
  • No downloads required
  • Real time scoreboard
  • Individual &/or team format
  • Themed Trivia
  • Up to 50 x Q & A (including movie & music clips)
  • Anti Google timer
  • Hosted via Zoom or Live Stream