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About Us

title-hand-imgAbout soundstorm

From Humble Beginnings In 2003 To Now Hosting almost 2000 Trivia Nights Each Year, SoundStorm Has Grown Into One Of The Most Popular Trivia Companies In Australia.

SoundStorm provides the perfect day or night’s entertainment for any event or occasion with a fun-filled, laughter packed Trivia package, which can also be tailor-made to suit.

We can cater to as little as 10 people to as many as 2000+ people due to the many industry contacts we have and the infrastructure we have in place to meet all of your needs and requirements. We can even assist you with sourcing the most suitable venue for your event through our network of pubs, clubs and function rooms.

We can also incorporate a DJ, Band or Duo into your event for that added wow factor.

Real Trivia, Real Hosts, Real Fun is our motto at SoundStorm Trivia.

We have a very strict criterion when it comes to hiring hosts, which is why they are the best in the business. Each of our hosts has a fun and unique personality that puts them ahead of other Trivia company hosts. Many people apply to SoundStorm to become hosts but very few make the cut! We only take the best, and our customer’s testimonials are proof of this.

Our Trivia format is straightforward and easy to follow and our unique formula allows us to entertain any crowd size in any room size or shape.

Our questions cover a range of topics and genres to ensure all age groups and backgrounds are included. The questions also include a range of difficulty levels, and you don’t need to be Einstein to be able to participate. Our hosts will instantly build rapport with your audience and get out into the crowd with their cordless mics to truly entertain the room and we don’t hide behind TV screens and DVD questions.

Our services are available Australia wide so contact us today for quote on your next event.

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